Rules That Make 2728.CC a Better Place for Domainer Community

2728.CC Site Rules

2728.CC’s rules are here to to create a safer, fair and enjoyable marketplace for all members. Make sure you follow these rules. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions, including limits of your privileges and suspension of your account.

Your 2728.CC account - the golden rules

  • You may only have ONE 2728.CC account
  • You may not attempt to bypass 2728.CC by sending private offers to users. We monitor such activities and the accounts (both buyer and seller) involved will be immediately terminated. You will no longer be able to use the emails including bind emails and escrow emails in the platform.
  • Bids and offers you make must be a genuine intention to buy

Feedback System - The importance of keeping your account clean

  • There is a feedback score associated with each of your sales. Each postive action will be awarded one positive count. Each negative action will be awarded one negative count.
  • Agreeing for the sale in one of the third party escrow services but not sending a payment in certain days will give the buyer a negative point. Receiving the payment in escrow but not transferring the domain will give the seller a negative point.
  • Sellers' feedback scores are displayed publicly when buyers search for domains. Having bad feedback scores will hamper your sales.
  • We will automatically block anyone with more than 10 negative scores. All your emails including the bind emails, escrow emails will not be useful in the platform after that.
  • Any fraud or scamming is attempted, we will block the account right away. All your emails including the bind emails, escrow emails will not be useful in the platform after that.
  • Do NOT agree for a sale if payment can't be sent. Do NOT agree for a sale if domain can't be transferred.
  • Involve Support at the earliest when you need help.
  • Though we periodically remove domains that are no longer registered to you, we can't guarantee the same. Make sure you delete domains from the platform that are no longer registered to you.

Every order goes through a third party escrow service you select - our Obligations and Limitations

  • Every order goes thorugh a third party escrow service you select at the checkout section.
  • The financial tranctions including our fees is handled through the escrow service you opt for.
  • We are only a platform to list, buy, sell domains.
  • You need to do due diligence for the actions happening outside of our platform. We will not be held responsible for any errors or loss happening outside of our platform.
  • Make sure the orders you receive are created by 2728.CC ([email protected])
  • Any attempt to bypass 2728.CC will result in termination of all user accounts, emails, escrow emails, bind emails in our platform.
  • Any support requests regarding escrow transactions should be first sent to the respective escrow service with a CC or separate email to 2728.CC at [email protected] with your ticket number.
  • We can certainly assist in your escrow transactions but as it is not in our control the entire responsiblity lies between you and the escrow service provider.

How to get a sale quickly?

  • Make sure you are not overpricing the domain. Chinese domain market place is like a stock market with price indicators and charts. The data is open to public. Check out our home page for price indicators.
  • When an order is received in your email, try to take further actions quickly.
  • Accumulate good feedback scores within 2728.CC

Bitcoin escrow - our limitations

  • There is no guarantee on the USD/CNY rate of bitcoin you receive as it is not in our control.
  • We follow for equivalent BTC at the time of creation of order in 2728.CC

Selling on 2728.CC - the golden rules

  • You must have the RIGHT to sell the property
  • When an auction is listed on 2728.CC, it must not be listed for sale anywhere else
  • NO Shill bidding. This means YOU or an intermediary may not bid on your own listing.
  • You must not intentionally hide information from public view.

We have a zero tolerance policy to any of the above infractions and breaking these can have serious implications to both your listing and your user account. Listings breaching any rules may be corrected, suspended or removed. 


  • A "listing" on 2728.CC is the individual instance of your auction or sale.
  • By launching a listing, you grant 2728.CC a permanent, irrevocable, and unrestricted license to store and display the details of your listing. .
  • By launching a listing, you agree that in the event of a winning bid or when you accept an offer, your username will be provided to the other user and your contact details will be provided to the other user by third party escrow services.
  • The seller must have the right and good faith intention to sell the item listed in its entirety. 
  • The seller is obligated to sell to the user who made the winning bid or offer.
  • A user making a winning bid or offer is obligated to buy for the amount of the winning bid or offer.
  • Items may not be offered for sale through any other site, method, or channel while live in an auction in 2728.CC. This does not extend to BIN Listings.
  • Domain names sold must include the ability to transfer the domain name to another registrar. 
  • Subdomains (e.g. may not be sold as in this case there is no ownership which can be transferred.
  • Listings breaching any guideline may be corrected, suspended, cancelled, and or removed by 2728.CC without refund of any monies paid.


  • Buy It Now bids for domain listings will automatically win the listing.