Why 2728.CC ?

2728.CC is a dedicated Chinese domains marketplace which aims to serve the Chinese and non-chinese alike. There are limited-to-no Chinese domains platforms that enable domainers across the globe to buy and sell Chinese domains effortlessly.


2728.CC is a domainer-oriented Chinese domains buy/sell platform conceptualized by a Chinese domain investor himself. 

2728.CC is an answer to corporate greed and elements that work against the interest of domainers.

What are the problems in the current domain name industry?

The domain name industry has now become obsolete for the non Chinese domainers because of corporate greed.  The industry is hijacked by certain corporates who does not care for the domainers or the industry.  They are only interested in making their wallets heavy.

An average domainer takes a cut of 15-25% as platform commissions.  Domainers also have yearly renewals to handle.  They also have to pay 15-25% in government taxes.  Unfortunately, all these things works against the domainer community.  Everything is odd at the domainer side while the platforms and registrars mint money.  Liquid domains have become practically illiquid.

For long, domainers have been talking about these issues, but an action has to come from the domainer community itself.  About 60% of the domainers lost interest in domaining and migrated to opportunities like Crypto coins.


Unfortunately, only non Chinese domainers are being subjected to this kind of loot.  There is no reason why a marketplace has to charge 15-25% commission per sale.  Can you imagine the money these platforms make?  Chinese domain market places are charging only 2 to 5%.  How is it justifiable? Questions about this fall on deaf ears. Chinese domains investment is our passion and it is a great investment opportunity; we don't want to be left out because of non supporting factors in the industry.

Features of 2728.CC

1) There is only a 2% commission.

2) Site is accessible to the Chinese in their language as well as to the non-chinese in English. 2728.CC is bridging the gap.

3) All sales go through an escrow. You can use the escrow services you like.

Spread the word! Make 2728.CC a great success!!